Utility Distribution - Change this value to a strong SEO phrase

Above and Beyond

Coonrod Electric can guarantee your facility gets the power it needs, whether it’s routed overhead or underground.

Overhead Distribution:

  • Complete installation of new utility poles and overhead lines
  • Utility pole anchoring & guarding
  • Damaged or weak utility pole removal and replacement
  • Transformer installation & removal

Above Ground Distribution:

  • Custom installation of cable tray and support structures
  • Installation of grounding applications
  • Orderly securement of laid cable

Underground Distribution:

  • Complete excavation, trenching & backfill
  • Installation of Rigid PVC, Plasti-Bond Galvanized conduit
  • Cable pull

Fiber Optic:

Keeping pace with advances in technology, Coonrod Electric is proud to offer Fiber Optic & Communication services to our clients. Whether it be new installation, splicing, testing or repair, our highly skilled technicians are available to provide complete fiber optic network services.